Sweet potato waffles with guacamole

Looking for a simple but tasty and filling lunch? This tasty sweet potato and vegetable waffles you can serve with a little salad, yogurt dip or just like a tapas.

Oven-baked potatoes with coriander yogurt

Delicious oven-baked potatoes, cold served with a fresh coriander yogurt. Delicious at a barbecue or vegetable salad.

Tabbouleh of lentils

Summery, fresh and a perfect salad meal at lunch time.

Roasted pumpkin with lentils and coriander

A delicious dish! I combine this, for example with eggplants "Ras el Hanout" or with tabouleh to create a full meal.

Mussels with coconut and coriander

Always a success when I serve this tapa. Along with a slice of bread, there won't be any leftovers  ...