Courgetti with scampi and cherry tomatoes


With a simple gadget, the spiral cutter, you can make a delicious vegetable spaghetti ....

coconut water with mint

Because the summer temperatures sometimes exceed 40ºC, I'm always looking for all kinds of drinks that work refreshingly. For example, my lemon limonade, which my children are very fond of, is one of them.

This coconut-based drink is undoubtedly in our top 3 ranking! My preference goes to the combination with a slice of lime.

Oven-baked potatoes with coriander yogurt

Delicious oven-baked potatoes, cold served with a fresh coriander yogurt. Delicious at a barbecue or vegetable salad.

Green hummus

A delicious fresh green hummus, healthy and rich in fiber.

Tabbouleh of lentils

Summery, fresh and a perfect salad meal at lunch time.

Make your own chocolate

Because of the coconut, the taste of this chocolate is very distinctive. I make small pralines for which I use the shapes of little Madeleine cakes.