This article was published in Diario Sur on July 17, 2016.

Up to 40% of children in the province of Malaga suffer obesity from poor nutrition and lack of exercise. The figures would be the triple since last decade!
It is therefore also rightly concerned that when a minor already has overweight their is more chance to have Diabetes, Cholesterol, hypertension, acute infarction, and so more as an adult. Only two causes are at the base: poor diet and sedentary lifestyles.

Doctors recommend for the Mediterranean diet which is rich in vegetables, legumes, dried fruits, olive oil, white fish, vegetables and cereals. And must urgently: bring more physical activity into the lives of the children.

Believe it or not but in the past were “plump” children seen as healthy children. There is even a saying:

 “Dame gordura que te daré hermosura”

Children nowadays don’t take time anymore to eat and eat alone, not with the familly. Parents often give their children fatty foods such as a hamburger or  drinks full of sugar such as the pre-made juices.Their games are seated. They spend far too many hours on the computer, their video console or tablet. Children should be able to run, play, jump, …

Schools should take more seriously the physical education  and schedule more activities.

In northern Spain, the percentage of overweight already is much lower because people there have a different standard of living and are more concerned with their appearance. Because of the economic situation, which is better, parents are able to offer after-school activities to their children and in this way the children are more active. Parents should stimulate their children at least one hour a day being physically active.

Another issue they would look at is the cultural aspect. Young people who continue studying, doing higher studies,  appears to have a lower percentahe of obesity.

let’s get started!

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