Vegan chocolate brownie

Day after day, the kitchen smelled like chocolate. It took me three attempts to come up with a perfect recipe for an ideal vegan brownie ... The kids saw it all the way, although the eldest at attempt number three indicated that he would cycle off the "brownie calories". ...

Tofu chocolate pudding

Indeed, you read it correctly ... TOFU. Very well known in the vegetarian kitchen. Ordinary tofu, made from soy beans, does not have a lot of flavor. For most dishes, I marinate it first and then I bake it. For this dish I use the "silken" tofu. A tofu with a fine structure and more moisture. It is really worth trying this dessert. Everyone was crazy about it and the glasses were empty in a second... No one could guess that this was made on the basis of tofu ...

Quinoa with dates

Can you use some extra fiber, vitamins or minerals in the morning then you might try this recipe?